Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SQL Server Query for Rank (RowNumber) and Groupings

In SQL Server select statement, to generate and restart Group wise Serial No. following SQL Statement can be used.

in the following statement

row_number() over(partition by ProductCategory order by ProductCategory) AS SrNo,
from items
group by ProductCategory
order by ProductCategory

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Enabling Windows GodMode

Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit version) introduced a new hidden feature called GodMode that allows you to view and adjust all settings within Windows. To create a shortcut to the GodMode in Windows Vista (32-bit) or any version of Windows 7 follow the steps below.

  • Anywhere on your computer create a new folder.
  • After the folder has been created, copy the below text, rename that folder, and paste the text as the file name.


Once the above steps have been completed a new shortcut entitled GodMode will be visible. Opening this shortcut displays a Window similar to the example below.