Tuesday, December 15, 2015

FilE Upload Control not working After publishing .Net web application

1. In Inetmgr, Select Applicaton Pools.

2.  Click at Default AppPool, Select Advanced Settings

3. Set true to Enable 32 Bit Applications

Problem in uploading Excel File in Published ASP.NET website

  1. Open inetmgr
  2. Click at Application Pools
  3. Select DefaultAppPool, Select Advanced Settings.
  4. Set Enable 32 bit Applications to True
  5. Click at OK

Crystal Reports PDF Export Not Working

If the error is Object reference not set to the instance of an object, then possible reasons are:

a) File Name (Report) incorrect.

b) Stored Procedure Missing.

c) Fonts (Arial , Times New Roman ) changed due to Windows Update KB3102429.

In such a case copy these fonts from Old System  C-> Windows -> Fonts to current system Fonts folder. Restart the system and reports start working.