Monday, August 20, 2007

AJAX Web Technology

Hi Developers, This is my first Blog and I want to tell you about AJAX used in Web Development, rather Dynamic Web Development.

Ajax stands for Asynchronous Javascript And XML, is combination of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML where

HTML + CSS for presenting information on webpage.
JavaScript for dynamically interacting with the information presented.
XML, XSLT and XMLHttpRequest object is used to manipulate data asynchronously with the WebServer.
Good live examples of website using Ajax are GMail, Google Maps etc.

Normally when we develop dynamic website and request something from the webserver the complete webpage will posted back and refreshed. But with the use of Ajax only the portion/part of webpage, we want to refresh/reload will be retrived from the webserver.Using Ajax dynamic website becomes more fast.

I implemented AJAX in my Website which is developed using PHP/MySQL for Free Mobile Stuff (http://mobilestuff.orgfree.com) like SMS's, Ringtones and Wallpapers etc. You can use this website to send free of cost SMSs to Friends Email ID also. You can Download wallpapers, ringtones and sms s Free of Cost.

For Live Demo

You can Search through all the SMS's in the database using the following link :


In this page Search Text box is using AJAX, as soon as you type in some text it will show you the list of SMS's containing that Text. You will notice that only sms display is refreshed and not the whole webpage.

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