Friday, May 29, 2009

Controls that Are Not Compatible with UpdatePanel Controls in ASP.Net Ajax

The following ASP.NET controls are not compatible with partial-page updates, and are therefore not supported inside an UpdatePanel control:

1. TreeView and Menu controls.
2. Web Parts controls. For more information, see ASP.NET Web Parts Controls.
3. FileUpload controls when they are used to upload files as part of an asynchronous postback.
4. GridView and DetailsView controls when their EnableSortingAndPagingCallbacks property is set to true. The javascript:void(0)default is false.
5. Login, PasswordRecovery, ChangePassword, and CreateUserWizard controls whose contents have not been converted to editable templates.
6. The Substitution control.
7. Validation controls, which includes the BaseCompareValidator, BaseValidator, CompareValidator, CustomValidator, RangeValidator, RegularExpressionValidator, RequiredFieldValidator, and ValidationSummary control.

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