Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whats are the New Features in Microsoft Office 2010

1. Built-In Screen Capture Tool

A really handy addition & at the same time a beautiful implementation of the same. Word & Powerpoint both have the ‘Screenshot’ feature under ‘Insert’ & the useful part is that it caches screen shots of the currently open windows for one-click insert. At the same time also gives you the marquee select option.

2. Background Removal Tool (for images)

A new addition to picture properties is ‘Background Removal’.

3. Protected Mode

Every time you download a document from the internet & open it, Word 2010 will open it in a ‘Protected mode’ that won’t allow you to edit the document unless you enable editing of the document. You can edit which file types are to be opened in the protect mode from the Trust Center panel.

4. New Smart Art Templates

Smart Art It’s right up there amongst the best features in Office and in Office 2010 there are new templates added. Existing categories have new templates & there’s a new category as well.

5. Author Permissions

Co-authoring a document & collaborating over the Internet will be one of Office 2010’s USPs, the ‘Protect Document’ option under ‘Review’ in Office 2007 has now been renamed to ‘Restrict Editing’ & a new tab titled ‘Block Authors’ has been added.

6. Completely Revamped Options Under the Office Button

Office 2010 has introduced a huge a change in the document options that are presented to you under the Office button. One of biggest pains was the meta-data that can be added in a
document. Quick access to permissions, document meta-data under document info. With Office 2010 you now have the option of saving your document to a SharePoint location as well.

7. Print Control Panel Under the Office Button

This is a fantastic addition, clicking ‘Print’ under the Office 2010 button opens a plethora of printing options. No need go through a ‘Print Wizard’ you can select all your print options from here & hit print.

8. Jumplists in Outlook 2010

As you’ll might have seen, Outlook 2010 now makes use of Windows 7’s Jumplist feature for quick access to certain processes.

9. Broadcast Presentations To Your Clients

Now you can broadcast your presentations by sending the intended viewer a URL, this works along with Office Live Workspaces & you need an account of the same.

10. Inserting & Editing Videos Is Painless & Fun

11. Compress Media While Saving Presentations

The all new file menu, known as — Backstage gives you options to compress the media files inserted in the presentation to reduce file size, it even gives an esitmate of the presentation size.

12. New Animations & Slide Transitions

My favorite from the new ones is the Gallery transition effect. Another addition to transitions is that the % can be defined.

13. Save File Notification

When closing an unsaved file Office 2010 now lets you know that it has auto-saved a draft.

14. Hide Ribbon

With Office 2010, a cleaner interface has been worked upon. There is now a single-click show/hide option for the Ribbon.

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