Monday, December 22, 2008

How to boot to Windows Vista Safe Mode

How to boot to Windows Vista Safe Mode

1. If the system is turned off, turn it on. If it is on, restart it.

2. Begin tapping the F8 key until the screen offering the Vista Advanced Boot Options menu appears. If you tap the F8 key too soon, some systems may display a "keyboard error". If you tap it too late and Windows launches, restart your computer and try again.

3. Make sure to select the Safe Mode option and press Enter.

4. The system will now boot into Safe Mode. After you are done, restart the computer and in Normal Mode.

Safe mode is a diagnostic mode that Windows Vista can start in, with minimal configuration
and generic drivers so that system errors can possibly be corrected.

Once entering Safe Mode, the user can execute commands and load devices one at a time. Safe Mode is also used to remove or delete files which are otherwise "locked" or "in use" during normal operation.

While an operating system is in safe mode, it will have reduced functionality,
but it is easier to isolate problems because many non-core components are disabled.

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